Cleo Integration Cloud for Manufacturing Helps Manufacturers Address Market Volatility



Cleo serves more than 2,000 industrial customers with its Cleo Integration Cloud (CIC) solution for manufacturing. And for most of them, it helps them fight a common enemy: chronic market volatility.

Managing supply chain volatility and fluctuations is a major integration technology challenge. Along with the spikes in supply and demand caused by the explosion of e-commerce, there are also the downstream spillover effects of this uncertainty – factory downturns, supply shortages and changes in relationships with trading partners. A recent survey shows that 89% of manufacturers struggle with integration issues caused by volatility in supply and demand, and for nearly a fifth (18%) poor integration is costing their businesses $ 1 million or more per year in lost income.

To overcome these challenges, manufacturers using Cleo’s CIC for Manufacturing solution benefit from its ability to automate integrations between revenue-critical end-to-end business processes, such as Order-to-Cash or Procure-to-Pay. In fact, over the past twelve months, Cleo’s CIC for Manufacturing solution has processed record transaction volumes representing over 250% year-over-year growth.

Much of this increase in transactions is due to the market shift to D2C (direct to consumer) models, as consumers expect e-commerce and online shopping to be delivered quickly by any means, as from the manufacturer, directly shipped. , or completed by a third party, for example, Amazon.

Ripple Junction Design Company, a leading designer of licensed apparel and accessories for globally recognized brands, has expanded and activated a multi-faceted digital ecosystem through an omnichannel sales and distribution strategy powered by Cleo.

“The market continues to change and we need to move faster within our business than it changes outside of our business. To meet the great opportunity challenges of today’s e-commerce explosion, we knew we needed to employ a B2C and B2B strategy that streamlines the flow of data between all channels and platforms, while minimizing points of contact along the way. We decided to diversify and expand one sales channel at a time, offering only a handful of products at the start, pushing more products through each new channel as we add new retail customers , large and individual. Cleo allows us to slow the growth of our e-commerce business on our own terms, as we control and manage all of these different revenue streams through one centralized integration platform, Cleo Integration Cloud, ”said Jon Baker, vice -President of IT at Ripple Junction.

Cleo Integration Cloud: key differentiators

Cleo Integration Cloud’s unique ability to drive operational agility through real-time data and insight enables manufacturers to make better, faster, and more profitable business decisions. CIC’s integration capabilities span the gamut, from online order capture and omnichannel fulfillment, to enabling e-commerce through online marketplaces and digital platform integrations, and taking action. reverse logistics charge.

Only CIC allows API and EDI integrations on a single platform; enables end-to-end integration and visibility of business processes; and offers customers the choice of self-service, managed service, or a combination of the two deployment options, to optimize total cost of ownership (TCO).

Common benefits that customers see with the CIC solution for Cleo manufacturing include:

  • Fueling the digital transformation focused on e-commerce
  • Guarantee a predictable cost model with scalability flexibility
  • Reduce DSOs (Sales Waiting Days), errors and chargebacks
  • Easily connect with new fulfillment partners
  • Speed ​​up ASN delivery to improve customer scorecards

Many customers have praised the platform, winning Cleo “Leader” badges in the EDI Mid-Market and Enterprise categories in G2’s Summer 2021 reports. This is the 14th consecutive quarter in which the company has won this distinction. Additionally, Cleo has achieved Best Relationship, Best Implementation, and Best Usability awards among other integration providers.

“As customer expectations have increased with the accelerating shift in buying habits from traditional brick and mortar to e-commerce, manufacturers are forced to evolve and respond to changing market needs. Cleo Integration Cloud helps thousands of manufacturers manage volatility and create lasting value during this time of digital transformation, ”said Vidya Chadaga, Vice President of Product and Strategy at Cleo.

“By moving their integration processes to the cloud, companies can harmonize ecosystem-wide data flows to gain real-time business insights, orchestrate end-to-end business processes based on business conditions. variables and achieve a more agile supply chain that drives revenue velocity. Cleo’s Ecosystem Integration Platform helps them outsmart volatility every moment.


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