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We all need money to survive; from buying the groceries needed each week to paying the monthly rent or paying the mortgage, money is needed to thrive and prosper. For a long time, money was considered the most powerful motivator. People went to work schlocky jobs just to get paid a salary and work hard for a raise, forming a continuous cycle where money is the only motivator.

Most people consider money to be important because it offers two things: time and options. Surplus money allows people to escape the limit of buying only what they can afford, but also the items they want. Instead of buying cheap cereal or off-brand items, they have the choice to choose what they prefer.

Surplus money also allows people to pay to get things done instead of wasting their time, their most precious non-refundable resource. While money is very rarely the primary focus, it is a tool to provide us with what we really want. According to a study by the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, people’s well-being increases with the amount of money they earn, even over $ 75,000.

Many people are against money as the most important motivator and may argue that it trivializes work by turning those who are intrinsically motivated into people who are extrinsically motivated. Nonetheless, the money serves as a “generalized reinforcer” which is still acceptable to everyone at all times. Social status has morphed into classism where judgment is based on other people’s clothes, cars and homes, and although this seems like a bad influence, it promotes competition and creativity. When money is associated with a better job or success, productivity and standards are improved for everyone.

Almost 156 million people are employed in the United States, and money is increasingly becoming the main motivation because it is a biological necessity, used for food, water and shelter. Money is now a bigger deal than in previous years, as the pandemic has affected countless people and left them financially stranded, and being financially free is more important than ever. Money certainly can’t buy you happiness, as we’ve seen with countless celebrities suffering from depression and anxiety, but nonetheless, being broke can’t buy you anything.

Being financially free has a different meaning for everyone, and I think people should strive to put themselves in a position where they truly believe they are financially free. In schools, finance and economics should be taught because of their real importance for the future of students.

From learning Roth IRAs and credit cards to different investment opportunities such as real estate, stock market or cryptocurrency, students gain a wide range of knowledge useful for their future. More people than ever are on the brink of poverty, and money as a motivator is the first step to financial freedom.

Overall, I believe that money is the best motivator that inspires people to strive for greatness. On the contrary, once people are at this level of monetary stability, love, passion and relationships become the motivators in your life. But before that, money is a necessity that people must work for in order to live with confidence, comfort and peace of mind.

By eliminating financial anxiety, money gives you the opportunity to have memorable experiences and travel to amazing places. Additionally, learning new skills and finding hobbies that we love will make us happier, and money is needed to improve those hobbies and experiences. Once we have money as a way to access different opportunities and experiences, we can turn our life into anything we want.

Whether it’s giving to charity or helping loved ones, being able to see the impact you have on someone else’s life fills you with happiness. The key to happiness in life is finding something that you love and are passionate about, and earn enough money to take care of yourself and your family, and be able to support your hobbies and passions. .


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