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We expect major retailers to drop this week

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Update: Amazon, Very, and Smyths Toys could be released this week. Read on for more information.

It’s been six months since the launch of the PS5, but lingering supply issues and a global semiconductor shortage have slowed production of the next-gen console to a breakneck pace. New stock is hard to find, and when it does show up, the PS5 sells out quickly.

Despite the lifting of pandemic restrictions and the reopening of street stores to customers, PS5 restocking issues have meant bare shelves and disappointed gamers are fighting over the few consoles that can be made available in the UK.

Things are slowly improving, with copious amounts of PlayStation 5 consoles popping up on almost every major retailer online store throughout May. The return failed in June, the only ones highlighting some big drops in stock at Game and Very. As we move into mid-July, the arrival of new inventory is picking up speed again. Last week we had no less than six drops at multiple retailers, with ShopTo rounding out the pack on Sunday.

If you’re still looking to get your hands on a PS5, this is your best bet yet. We’re here to help you get ahead of the game and find a PlayStation 5 by keeping an eye out for all the major retailers, as well as providing you with the latest information on release rumors.

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Check UK PS5 Retailer Stock Below:


When is the next Tesco PS5 restocking?

To understand when Tesco will have the PS5 in stock again, one must first ask: when did Tesco have latest have the PS5 in stock?

You might expect the UK’s biggest retailer to swim in PS5 stock, but Tesco has been suffering from a console drought since March 15. It’s almost like they’ve given up on trying to get their hands on Sony’s next-gen console. It’s been so long since PS5 stock trackers completely stopped predicting Tesco declines because they never materialize.

This is the longest life a retailer has ever seen, so we keep our Club Card in our pocket for now.

Steve hogartyJuly 13, 2021 10:01 AM


When will Amazon have the PS5 in stock?

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Amazon UK had a final restock on June 29 and the stock ran out within half an hour. The retailer usually releases the PS5 digital edition before the PS5 disc edition, so be aware that if you see one uploading before the other.

  • Be sure to use Amazon Smile, a separate website that donates part of the cost of your purchase to a charity of your choice. Amazon Smile receives much less traffic than the regular Amazon website, so if there are any issues, Smile should perform better.
  • Add the console to your wishlist, then add it to your cart – apparently people are more successful this way

Steve hogartyJuly 13, 2021 09:45


The latest update on the Very PS5 stock

Very is one of the four likely retailers we have in sight today, along with Amazon, Asda, and Smyths Toys. The online store usually has the PS5 in stock between 9am and 10am, so start flexing your finger muscles in preparation for pushing a lighted “buy now” button. The stock of PS5 could drop at any time.

The last time Very restocked the PS5 was on June 22. The retailer quickly became one of our favorite PS5 dealers, with drops lasting up to four glorious hours.

Our best advice for Very is not to leave the queue when the stock is online, otherwise you will have to queue again. The same goes for refreshing the page – don’t, no matter how tempting it is to press that button.

Steve hogartyJuly 13, 2021 09:27


F1 2021 PS5 launches this week

One of the lucky few who bought a John Lewis PS5 this morning? Want to feel that adrenaline rush again, but fear life now has nothing more to offer you more exciting than repeatedly refreshing John Lewis’ page at 6:59 am?

Well you’re in luck, F1 2021 (£ 59.99, launches on PS5 this Friday.


F1 2021 Reviews of the PS5 were dropped yesterday and the next-gen Formula 1 simulator praises its crisp graphics and sublime performance on the PS5.

Steve hogartyJuly 13, 2021 09:10


Here are the PS5 restockings we expect to see today

Okay, so if you had your cup of coffee at 7am you might have been quick enough to grab a PS5 – but don’t worry if you were still sleeping soundly in bed, there’s more to it. come.

We expect PS5 stock drops from Amazon UK, Very, Smyths and Asda this week.

We scour online retailers all day to spot new inventory as they arrive, so stick with us for the best chance of getting yourself a next-gen console.

Steve hogartyJuly 13, 2021 8:53 AM


Ebuyer made a PS5 restock last night

UK-based online electronics warehouse Ebuyer had a “very limited” supply of new PS5 consoles that arrived yesterday. It is not clear if the stock is still on hand, although customers will need to take steps to approach it.

Interested buyers must create an account and then email the retailer with their contact details before they can order a console. Ebuyer is unlikely to have had enough stock to last the night, but the process of ordering the PS5 could have been so arduous that a console could still be available.

If we were to guess, Ebuyer’s idea of ​​a “very limited” supply means only two or three PS5s, if that is.

Steve hogartyJuly 13, 2021 08:37


John Lewis PS5 stock fell early this morning

Hello! As expected, John Lewis had a new supply of PS5s arriving at 7 a.m. this morning, although it sold out in under 15 minutes.

The retailer is renowned for its declining watch stock. While it’s hard to predict on what day John Lewis will have the PS5 in stock again, the new console regularly lands at 7am, so it’s worth opening the app while you’re eating your Cheerios.

That leaves Amazon as today’s most likely PS5 restock, followed by Very, Smyths, and Asda. Stay with us for updates!

Steve hogartyJuly 13, 2021 8:19 AM


A goodbye from your resident PS5 stock trackers

Thanks for following our live coverage today. We know it’s been a little disappointing, but Mondays aren’t usually the best days for stock drops. Tomorrow, however, is when all the action could begin. Four of the five planned retailers could abandon their stocks tomorrow, including Amazon, Very, John Lewis and Asda. The latter two might not have the biggest drops, but Very and Amazon’s restocking could be pretty heavy. We’ll be here early to bring you more news. G’night for now!

Alex leeJuly 12, 2021 5:10 PM


Punt for an Xbox Series X instead

Tired of trying to get a PS5? It’s not the only console that’s ridiculously difficult to secure. Microsoft is also having issues with restocking, so have a thought for those struggling to get the Xbox Series x as well. The Series X situation started to improve in June, but it looks like the well ran dry again in July.

Finding a retailer with Xbox stock isn’t the easiest task, so to give you a fighting chance, we’ve got a step-by-step guide on how exactly you can get your hands on the Xbox Series x. In the guide, you’ll find expected restocking dates and a list of top tips for each retailer. Check back frequently for the latest information.

Alex leeJuly 12, 2021 4:30 PM


Join the Game PS5 pre-order waiting list

If you’re sick of waiting for online delivery, here’s our friendly reminder to drop by your local game store and add your name to the retailer’s PS5 pre-order waiting list. You might get lucky and go out with a PS5 under your arm.

The retailer recently started in-store drops, but also continues to restock online. Thursday of last week he had a long replenishment that lasted essentially all day. Each store would have 23 consoles up for grabs each month. For more information, read @ PS5StockAlertUK’s tweet below:

Alex leeJuly 12, 2021 3:30 PM

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