Former Tesla employee sees 2030 stock price of $26,500

Former Tesla employee sees 2030 stock price of $26,500

We have a chat with a former Tesla employee about Tesla and his prediction of a stock price of $26,500 by 2030. What could Tesla do to make it 30 times more valuable than it is? is currently?

Tesla is a unique company in that it’s considered an automotive company, but it’s so much more than that. When you look at it much more than that, you realize that the way Tesla is valued today is very reasonable. Tesla is an automotive, energy, AI, robotics, manufacturing and more.

This former Tesla employee, Farzad Mesbahi, also sees Tesla reaching $48,000 by 2035. These numbers are not investment advice, but they are based on two main technologies: Tesla FSD and Tesla Bot. What value will the software and AI of these two products unlock?

Farzad considers the most important things for Tesla to be FSD and Tesla Bot. Elon Musk has talked about a lot of things for Tesla since 2012 that have been planned and executed. Farzad worked at Tesla from 2017 to 2021 and says many times Tesla accomplished the impossible. Farzad has very high confidence that Tesla will do both of these things and give it an edge to capitalize on the stock’s gains.

Trust in Tesla and its execution

Tesla’s culture is one of innovation. Farzad says you add software to a vehicle that will make the vehicle 5-10 times more useful. The typical car drives maybe 40 minutes to an hour a day and then sits in a parking lot or garage.

FSD unlocks a car’s ability to generate revenue and be used much more. A car can run 8 hours a day or more. He could possibly drive 18 hours a day using FSD software. This is a huge added value for Tesla and Tesla will take a share of every robotaxi transaction which will add to the value of the company.

Tesla will also add this to trucks, tractor-trailers and any vehicle on the road. It has the potential to be a giant cash flow generating machine. Farzad takes Tesla’s goal of 20 million cars by 2030 and uses that as the basis for this FSD software and adding value to Tesla.

Farzad just sees the auto sector being worth around $6,000 a share by 2030. When you add in FSD, assuming Tesla hits its coal of 20 million cars by 2030, and listening to Elon Musk at the last meeting of Tesla shareholders, you realize that Tesla could have had 100 million vehicles on the road. Even though only half of these vehicles operate as a robotaxi, the numbers are staggering.

Robot Tesla

Tesla Bot has an advantage, according to Farzad, in that it will never need to rest, it will never need medical benefits, and it will not need any structure around it. human resources. It will work more efficiently as the software improves. Farzad considers this difficult to predict because if there are hundreds of millions of Tesla robots helping with human labor, what happens next?

Farzad sees a market cap of 50 trillion as the most likely scenario if Tesla runs on FSD and Tesla Bot. If Tesla is able to flood the world with FSD robotaxis and Tesla Bots, he sees everything fall apart and nothing will make sense. This is the scenario that I find the most interesting. If Tesla really succeeds in AI and its software, it will transform the world.

Farzad has a bearish/basic/bullish case for 2030 for Tesla’s stock price (at a price/earnings ratio of 40):

* Bear: $13,250
*Base: $26,500
* Bull: $39,750

Tesla Bot is really Tesla’s wild card. Elon Musk has a theory that if you solve human labor and make labor unlimited, then what happens to the global economy? I think that’s an important question and I think the answer – the real answer is unknown to anyone.

What do you think of Tesla’s possible growth? Were these two Tesla bulls right in their assessment?

For more information, see this interview with Farzad Mesbahi and Curious Pejjy:

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