Fun map shows how New Yorkers view the rest of America [Photo]

We New Yorkers are definitely one of a kind. From surviving brutally cold, snowy winters to America’s most populous city, we’re a different breed. Other Americans have their opinion of us and we definitely have our opinion. This hilarious map I found on Instagram shows how New Yorkers view the rest of the country and New York. Obviously, this map is based on how a resident of New York sees the United States, because even New York State is listed as “New York City”. As someone who lived in Florida for many years, it’s hysterical that the state is being labeled as “where they shot the cops”. Other highlights include seeing the state of Georgia as Atlanta and Texas as “the South.”

I think it’s fair that we poke fun at the rest of America a bit. There are a lot of stereotypes about New Yorkers. Here are some of the things the rest of the country thinks of us:

– New Yorkers are always in a hurry
– Upstate people are all country thugs
– Everyone in Buffalo LOVES the snow
– Everyone in New York is rude
– New Yorkers always wear Timberland boots and fitted baseball caps
– New Yorkers think they’re better than everyone else
– Everyone in New York lives in a shoebox and has 7 roommates

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