ICYMI: Secretary Granholm travels to Michigan to rebuild best program investments in manufacturing and clean cars



WASHINGTON DC – Yesterday, US Energy Secretary Jennifer M. Granholm visited Michigan on her first visit to the state as a member of President Biden’s cabinet to defend his Build Back Better agenda and how it will invest. in domestic manufacturing, build a clean energy economy and create millions of well-paying jobs.

Secretary Granholm also highlighted the White House’s announcement of a new national target of 50% share of electric vehicle sales by 2030.

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CBS Detroit: US Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm visits southeast Michigan for landmark electric vehicle announcement

Granholm’s visit to Michigan on Thursday comes the day President Biden met with the Big 3 and the UAW to make the historic announcement. Granholm and US Representative Elissa Slotkin visited Magna Electronics’ facilities in Holly.

“Everything that vehicles have inside, like what supplier Magna produces, we want it made in America,” said Granholm.

Granholm says facilities like these are here in Michigan, creating more jobs.

“This particular facility had 250 people working there when I was governor, it now has 500 people in this facility working there and it will only grow.” said Granholm.

The Detroit News: Granholm back in Michigan gets a glimpse of the “guilt-free” Hummer EV

Granholm visited Metro Detroit the day President Joe Biden, joined by executives from the three Detroit automakers, presented a plan to gradually increase mileage and emissions standards over the next five years and stood set a target of producing half of all new vehicles sold by 2030. -free.

Granholm added that the committed aspiration of the Detroit Three automakers means “We’re going to build the supply chains here in Michigan, we’re going to build the vehicles here in Michigan, Michigan is spearheading the future of the electric vehicle.”

The president’s top surrogates are traveling across the country in a “massive push” to tout his two-party $ 1 trillion infrastructure package, which includes investments in electric vehicle infrastructure.

Fox 2 Detroit: US Energy Secretary Former Governor Granholm touts infrastructure package

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm is a big part of a massive push behind the two-party $ 1 trillion infrastructure package.

“For Michigan, that will mean more than $ 7 billion in highway investments here,” she said. “Talking about fixing the damn roads – that’s going to be important. It’s $ 536 million for the bridges.”

The Oakland Press: Granholm Highlights National Supply Chain and Clean Energy Goals During Visit to Oakland County

Granholm told The Oakland Press that his visit to Michigan that day was “very intentional.” She said her main message as she roamed the county was to “highlight what it looks like” when suppliers and automakers create “good jobs” as a result of today’s announcements and because of the continued increase in demand for electoral products and vehicle electrification.

“(The Big Three’s announcement) is amazing,” Granholm told reporters at Holly. “What that means to us is that whatever vehicles have inside, like what Magna produces, we want to be made in America. We want supply chains to be made in America. am really proud to be here with MP Elissa Slotkin, she has been the champion of the supply chain in this country.

MLive: Former Governor Granholm visits Michigan factories as Biden sets goal of making 50% of new electric cars

The timing of his visit was intentional – Biden on Thursday announced his new goal of having 50% of all new vehicles electric by 2030, and the Big Three automakers have pledged their support.

Granholm wants the supplies made in Michigan.

“The United States does not need to rely on other countries – potentially adversaries – for the supplies necessary to manufacture the electric vehicle,” he added. said Granholm. “We want to make the batteries here. We want to make the chips here. We want to manufacture the vehicles here. We want to do everything from soup to nuts.

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