Jim Cramer says investors should have these 5 industrial stocks on their wish lists

CNBC’s Jim Cramer offered a list of five industrial stocks on Thursday that investors should consider adding to their portfolios.

“After years of the market chasing growth at all costs, we are now in a post-momentum pivot environment where Wall Street wants strong companies with easily justifiable valuations,” the ‘Mad Money’ host said. .

Cramer named five industry stocks that meet this requirement.

Here is the list :

  1. General Electric
  2. United Rentals
  3. Howmet Aerospace
  4. textron
  5. Johnson Controls

To compile this list, Cramer started with nine industry names. He said he eliminated PACCAR and Cummins because the freight industry, including trucking rates, is experiencing a downturn. It also cut Stanley Black & Decker and Fortune Brands Home & Security to avoid housing stocks as mortgage rates soar.

The original nine industrial companies came from Cramer’s curated list of S&P 500 companies that were included for having reasonable valuations and strong earnings growth. This is the same list Cramer used to select the best travel and leisure, financial and semiconductor stocks earlier this week.

“I spent an entire week highlighting these stocks, and now you have 20 to choose from. I want you to keep them on the shopping list,” he said.

Here are all the growth at a reasonable price, or GARP, stocks that Cramer highlighted this week:

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