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The #1 Thing That Can Improve Retirement Security for Older Workers

Most of the things we worry about make little difference Read More

Everyone thinks inflation will stay. These three precise models say the opposite

Most inflation forecasters do little more than extrapolate the recent past into the future. Read more

If You Think January Can Predict 2022 Stock Returns, You’ll Love These Other 3 Months

The “January Barometer” has been wrong more often than it was right in recent years. Read more

The Nasdaq near a 10% correction is not the sell signal you probably think it is

The odds of stocks rising are no different after a 10% drop than before. Read more

Earnings season will disappoint investors and hurt the stock market – but you can avoid the pain in these sectors and companies

Many companies will struggle to beat the estimates by a wide margin. And executives are more pessimistic. That said, some areas of the market will shine. Read more

Here’s why you shouldn’t be scared off by the S&P 500 pullback

The stock market is back in its trading range, and there is a VIX “spike” buy signal. Read more

These S&P 500 stocks have crashed, but analysts think 12 can turn the tide with rebounds of up to 70%

Stocks expected to rebound include PayPal, Paycom, Etsy and SolarEdge. Read more

Four reasons why value stocks are poised to outperform growth in 2022 – and 14 stocks to consider

Rising interest rates and accelerating inflation are positive for value strategies. Read more

Value stocks are now beating growth by 10 points, but the easy money could be behind us

The relative strength in value may not persist over the next few months if history is any guide. Read more

Owning Non-U.S. Stocks Was a Terrible Decision – and That’s Exactly Why You Should Continue to Own Them

The case for global diversification is stronger than ever, if not stronger. Read more

These 3 ETFs let you play in the hot semiconductor sector, where Nvidia, Micron, AMD and others are rapidly increasing their sales

Smart exchange-traded funds have easily outperformed the benchmark S&P 500 and the technology-focused Nasdaq over the past 15 years. Read more

With prices for some multi-million dollar rarities, collectibles are becoming a hot item

The numismatics market has experienced tremendous growth since the start of the pandemic Read more

If investors really want companies to fight climate change, they should put their mouths where their money is

Let shareholders vote on how much a company should invest of its pre-tax profits in environmental and social initiatives. Read more

Earth-saving promises in ESG fund prospectuses aren’t so green: report

Equity, mutual fund and ETF portfolios under the ESG banner have a language problem, too often overpromising on sustainability issues compared to filters. Read more

These 14 banking stocks are best positioned to benefit from rising interest rates

A screen of dozens of banks shows a select few who could grow profits at double-digit rates through 2023. Read more

Interest rates are rising. Here are five strategies to help you prepare for a new reality in the markets

Low interest rates are expected to rise as the Fed scales back stimulus. This will have a significant effect on stocks, bonds and real estate. Read more

‘Craig is Satoshi’: A Former Online Gambling Mogul’s Controversial Campaign to Change Bitcoin’s Future

Calvin Ayre fought battles with the US government. He now supports one of the most polarizing efforts in the digital currency world. Read more

“There was nothing in our bank account. I had no back-up plan. Cut off from his team, a footballer tackles a new pitch

Tyler Horn’s dream of playing in the NFL never materialized. So he built a new career as a financial planner. Read more

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