TTCM) targets criminal trolls and the forums that protect them


ORO VALLEY, Ariz., Feb. 25 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Tautachrome Inc. (OTC: TTCM) today outlines the direction and focus of its Integrity Defense activity aimed at combating the criminality of stock market trolls targeting the company’s securities.

The Company understands that there are internet platforms of all kinds that allow anyone to talk or shout comments of any kind. And we consider that to be good. But we also believe that the power to comment does not include the right to criminally troll, that is, to hide behind pseudonyms and make false and misleading statements intended to harm others.

As we announced earlier this week, the company has implemented an integrity defense activity aimed at curbing stock market troll attacks on the company’s securities and has reactivated Michael Nugent, our former head of integrity. advancement, to direct the activity.

Mr. Nugent spoke today about the company’s direction and focus on this business.

“For a public company like Tautachrome, trolling is serious business,” Nugent said. “We know from first-hand experience that trolls will use certain investment forums to make false and misleading statements for the express purpose of manipulating the price of the stocks they trade, which has the effect of stealing money. money in the accounts of other investors who are unaware of the manipulation.

Nugent went on to say, “Criminal trolling increases exponentially when owners of investment forums not only allow such trolling, but go out of their way to protect trolls from exposure. InvestorsHub is an example of an investment forum whose policies protect stock trolling. We witness the trolling of our own business by pseudonymous individuals on this forum, and find the forum’s reluctance to act to remedy the illegal behavior very troubling. »

“My information shows,” he said, “that InvestorsHub is a wholly-owned subsidiary of London-based ADVFN PLC, whose CEO, Clem Chambers, has for years been responsible for the forum’s reluctance to curb fishing. criminal trolling on their InvestorsHub. Chambers allowed pseudonymous trolls to post false and misleading information about publicly traded companies to gain visits and clicks to sell advertising, yet carefully shielded his own company, ADVFN PLC, from such a troll attack. .

“Today we learned,” Nugent said, “that Chambers was removed from ADVFN PLC yesterday and replaced by new CEO, Mr. Jonathan Mullins. This could be good news for the integrity of the InvestorsHub forum. So today, we’re calling on Mr. Mullins to tear down the wall that InvestorsHub has erected to protect criminal trolls.

The Society intends to adapt to the changes that come our way and we fully understand that the public environment is constantly changing. But the securities laws we follow are stable and don’t change that way. They need to be enforced so that criminal trolls are held accountable.

About Tautachrome, Inc: Tautachrome, Inc. (OTC: TTCM) is an emerging, growing Internet applications company. The company has licenses, patents and patents pending in the areas of augmented reality, smartphone image authentication and image-based social networking. The company leverages these technologies to develop privacy and security-based applications for business and personal use globally.

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