Agent shares important notes for the next hunting season | Outside


Hunters should call before hunting to see if the quota of 15 bears has already been met. If the quota has been reached, the hunt in zone 2 is over.

“A lot of people are worried about bears, but, in this season, we don’t allow bear bait, we don’t allow people to use dogs to catch bears – which are common methods you see. in the West – so that means that will be a very difficult hunt to find a bear and be able to harvest it, ”said Lewis. not have cubs, you can’t force them out of their dens. “

Lewis said Missouri has around 500 bears, a population that is expected to increase dramatically over the next two years.

“From the PowerPoint presentations, things that I’ve seen like that, our bear population is going to increase, we’re at that tipping point where it’s about to take off. So one more thing to mention, we are monitoring bears, I have had reports of bears in St. Francois County, and when I was in Madison County I have already confirmed several bear sightings. “, did he declare. “It’s important for people to know, hey there might be a bear around and they need to be aware of bears, so put their trash away, make sure they don’t leave cat food and understand, hey, c very likely even if you are deer hunting you can now see a bear so don’t panic and stuff like that.

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