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DALLAS – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Blackboxstocks Inc. (NASDAQ: BLBX) (“Blackbox”), a hybrid financial technology and social media platform offering proprietary real-time analysis for stock and options traders of all skill levels, today released an update for shareholders.

Dear shareholders,

As we close the books of 2021 and the New Year approaches, I would like to recap some of the milestones Blackbox has taken in 2021 and update you on the initiatives we have in store for 2022. I have always been a firm believer in it. ‘Simplicity sells’ adage and I’m also a fan of brevity whenever possible. So please consider this as a brief but comprehensive recap and update with the aim of keeping our stakeholders informed until we file our Form 10K with the SEC in March.

On November 10, 2021, BLBX was transferred to the NASDAQ Capital Market in an initial public offering of $ 12,000,000 providing Blackbox with significant working capital. It has also enabled our shares to trade on a stock exchange offering exposure to a broad group of investors and increased liquidity for our shareholders. The new surplus working capital is a luxury that management has not had in the past. Since the inception of Blackbox, we have often operated under tight capital constraints which made developing our product and scaling up our customer base extremely difficult. At the same time, we have learned to operate very effectively and efficiently. We are very grateful for the efficient machine that was born out of the lean years at Blackbox.

We had a record year in 2021 !! We achieved record sales in the first three quarters of the year. We have also provided a forecast for full-year revenue for 2021 to be between $ 5.94-5.98 million, 76-78% ahead of 2020. Revenue growth was driven by significant growth in the number of memberships, which reached and exceeded the milestone of 6,000 paying subscribers in December. 2021. While we are very proud of these achievements, it is important that our shareholders understand that we are aiming much higher. We believe we can improve our current growth path and continue to improve the quality and reach of our product.

Currently, we are in the process of completing and implementing several new initiatives that we believe will allow us to significantly increase our subscriber base and revenue. We have built a brand known for its quality user experience and personalized customer service and we believe these new initiatives will allow us to evolve our platform without sacrificing the quality of our brand.

Blackbox is a community platform that harnesses the power of our members in a team environment to create what I often call “the best of man and machine!” We believe that our powerful analyzes are greatly enhanced by our community which interprets them. In 2022, we plan to increase this unique dynamic that has differentiated Blackbox from other trading tools and fintech platforms. Here are three short-term initiatives that we are finalizing and implementing in order to start 2022 with a strong trajectory.

  1. Audio streaming upgrade: We have been working on upgrading and improving our audio streaming capability and corresponding chat functionality. Our goal is to provide additional rooms and channels as our community continues to grow. We released the interim version of this upgrade in December. We expect the full production version of this upgrade to be released by the end of January.

  2. Native mobile apps for iOS and Android: We are in the final stages of internal testing before releasing a beta version of our new native apps. We are confident that we will recreate the robust user experience that we provide to our desktop users with these new applications, including the audio streaming feature which is so popular within our community. We know that offering these apps is imperative for the continued growth of our user base now that so many new marketers are back to work after the pandemic and we are excited about their launch.

  3. Expansion of the development team: The recent capital increase has enabled us to seek out and acquire additional developers. We plan to double the number of developers and engineers on our team in the coming months. We plan to add experts in UI / UX design and business analysis, as well as additional engineers and developers. Increasing the size of our development team will allow us to add new features and products more quickly to better serve our members and generate revenue.

Before closing, I would like to take this opportunity to remind all of our stakeholders that Blackbox is a platform for traders, and we appreciate the momentum created by a two-sided market. As a public company, we are committed to ensuring transparency and communicating effectively with all BLBX participants. As of January 3, 2022, 3,650,274 BLBX shares were on deposit with the Depository Trust Corp. (DTC).

I would like to thank all of our shareholders and supporters. Many of you have been with us since our inception, and some of you may have just bought shares today. Some of you are shareholders as well as members of our platform. We thank you all and are confident that we are just getting started and that 2022 will be another banner year for Blackbox!


Kepler Burst


Blackboxstocks Inc.

About Blackboxstocks, Inc.

Blackboxstocks, Inc. is a hybrid financial technology and social media platform providing exclusive, real-time news and analysis to stock and options traders of all skill levels. Our web-based software uses artificial intelligence-enhanced “predictive technology” to detect volatility and unusual market activity that can cause the price of a stock or option to change rapidly. Blackbox continuously scans the NASDAQ, the New York Stock Exchange, the CBOE and all other options markets, analyzing more than 10,000 stocks and up to 1,500,000 options contracts multiple times per second. We provide our users with a fully interactive social media platform that is integrated with our dashboard, enabling our users to exchange information and ideas quickly and efficiently through a common network. We recently introduced a live screen / audio sharing feature that allows our members to broadcast on their own channels to share business strategies and market information within the Blackbox community. Blackbox is a SaaS company with a growing user base spanning 42 countries; current subscription fees are $ 99.97 per month or $ 959.00 per year. For more information, visit:

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