Dog Bakery in Southington’s Factory Square



SOUTHINGTON – A dog bakery and pet supply store spanning South Windsor is planning to be the latest addition to Factory Square on Center Street.

Owners Laurie Surprenant and Amy Kenkel opened Leaps & Bones at Evergreen Walk in 2008.

“We handcraft all of our cookies with natural ingredients, with no preservatives,” Surprenant said. “We have a range of everything from cannoli for dogs to cakes. “

The pair said they are looking to expand and the Southington location near the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail does the trick. They are looking to open on November 1 and are working to complete the space. It will be called Leaps & Bones Too.

The store will carry everything that is already available at the South Windsor location. Surprenant said the store has built a reputation for quality pet food with all-natural ingredients. This is especially important for animals with dietary restrictions. The store has a pet nutritionist.

“The South Windsor area vets are sending us dogs,” Surprenant said. “We have cat and dog food, we specialize in frozen foods and what big box stores don’t.”

Factory Square

Surprising and Kenkel said they wanted to find a unique location for their second store.

“There’s a really cool vibe,” Surprenant said. “You just walked in and it’s a place we knew we wanted to be. “

The old factory is right next to the trail, a popular walking spot for dogs. The store will have a dog wash station for trail users.

The owners of Leaps & Bones wanted a second location west of the Connecticut River.

“They are super excited that they don’t have to cross the river to come shopping with us,” Surprenant said of customers. “It was part of the call.”

She said they prioritized customer service and offered 401 (k) pension plans to employees, an unusual move for a company of their size. Surprenant said it helps keep workers well informed who log on and remember customers.

“Our staff know pets, they know people,” she said.

Christian Dietz, director of sales and marketing for building owner Florian Properties, said the location made sense for Leaps & Bones as it is a short walk from the town’s dog park.

“We are very happy to add them to the building. They bring a lot to the property in terms of commercial use, but they’ll also have a (dog) wash in there, ”he said. “We think it will bring a lot of people into the building. “

With the addition of a sandwich shop slated for early next year, Dietz said all but one storefront in the main part downstairs of the factory will be filled. Leaps & Bones will join a brewery, craft brewery and arcade game location, cafe, chocolate factory and other businesses in Factory Square.

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