Infor collaborates with NMIS to power Model Digital Factory


Information®, the industry cloud company, today announced a long-term strategic partnership agreement with the National Manufacturing Institute Scotland (NMIS). Infor’s investment will support the development of Model Digital Factory Demonstrators (MDFD) for the NMIS Digital Factory environment at the new 11,500 square meter NMIS headquarters. This follows Infor’s role as founding sponsor of The Smart Factory @ Wichita, an immersive experience center launched by Deloitte and Wichita State University in KansasWE

NMIS, operated by the University of Strathclyde, is a group of industry-led manufacturing research and development centers with a network of partners brought together to stimulate the manufacturing community. It is part of the UK’s High Value Manufacturing Catapult. Located next Glasgow airport in the Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District Scotland (AMIDS) at Renfrew County, the new NMIS headquarters, supported by the Scottish Government and its agencies for business, will provide facilities where ground-breaking manufacturing and related supply chain research is undertaken to transform productivity levels, make businesses more competitive and build the skills of the current and future workforce. When completed, it will welcome business leaders and visitors from all over Europe.

Infor’s investment will fund dedicated MDFDs that will showcase end-to-end manufacturing use cases in the NMIS Digital Factory environment, integrating with the facility’s IT backbone and digital and automation cells . They will demonstrate how modern and advanced technology and solutions can help companies automate processes and transform workplaces.

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MDFDs, which are working facsimiles of manufacturing systems, will demonstrate:

  • How new technologies, physical and digital, can be developed and/or deployed, transforming the workplace and boosting productivity.
  • How a representative system for a typical customer group—for example, demonstrating key business outcomes for food and beverage processing or industrial manufacturing companies—provides key business outcomes.
  • How the ecosystem – i.e. customer, machine tool company, software partners and NMIS partners – can work together in a representative environment.

Speaking of partnership, Chris DungeyDirector of Research at the National Manufacturing Institute Scotland, said, “I am delighted that Infor has decided to join the National Manufacturing Institute Scotland community and is committed to working with us to transform manufacturing into Scotland and the UK at large.

“When it comes to solving problems, growing businesses, and ultimately becoming more competitive, data is invaluable to manufacturers, and by partnering with Infor, we can, together, help businesses embrace the revolution. digital technology, increase productivity and future-proof their offering,” Dungey said. .

“With more than 60,000 customers in more than 175 countries, Infor has 20 years of experience and expertise in implementing industry-specific business software across manufacturing,” comments Kevin Samuelson, CEO of Infor. “As with our sponsorship of The Smart Factory @ Wichita, Infor’s support of NMIS demonstrates our commitment to delivering high-value capabilities to manufacturing, and we look forward to showcasing the many benefits that smarter manufacturing can bring. to industries around the world. over.”

“At a time when manufacturing is plagued by local and global business challenges, there has never been a greater need for government, industry and academia to join forces to help drive transformational change,” comments Anwen RobinsonInfor GM and SVP for UK and Ireland. “Infor is 100% owned by Koch Industries, one of the largest industrial companies in the world, and our investment in NMIS underscores Infor’s commitment to supporting manufacturing not only with the latest technological advancements, but also with the continuous development of key skills across the sector.”

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