Lawyer Jazmen Jafar shares the powerful impact of OnlyFans on body image

For many years the online adult industry has set the bar high for what is considered desirable and sexy. Porn has long shaped the narrative surrounding sex appeal and made many women feel like they have to emulate a certain look to succeed in the industry. However, with the proliferation of platforms like OnlyFans and the diversity of models who have found success in online sex work, we are reminded that beauty comes in many different shapes and sizes.

It was one of the things the lawyer Jazmen Jafar appreciated when she joined the industry. Jazmen opened an Onlyfans account to earn extra money while she studied for the bar exam and has achieved so much success through the platform that it is now her main source of income.

“I believe OnlyFans changed the narrative of what’s considered sexy,” Jazmen says. “The porn industry idealized a certain look that was unrealistic to many. Onlyfans gained so much traction by simply featuring ordinary, everyday women embracing their sexuality. Women no longer need to look like a stereotypical pornstar to succeed in this field.

Jazmen says she was initially surprised when she saw that some of the most successful women on the platform weren’t necessarily the most conventionally attractive.

“It made me realize there was a market for everyone,” says Jazmen. “When I decided to start posting my content on Reddit, I was shocked at how many different subreddits there were for all types of women. There are communities built around being tall, small, short, curvy, skinny, big breasts, small breasts, etc.

However, the democratized nature of OnlyFans presents a daunting challenge for creators like Jazmen Jafar. Due to the stiff competition, Jazmen had to think of ways to strengthen their engagements and make their content stand out.

“There are so many beautiful women around the world doing this kind of work now,” says Jazmen. “While the internet and social media have given us the ability to reach millions of people at our fingertips, they have also enabled millions of other women to benefit from the same opportunity. To succeed in this field, you need to be comfortable with the hustle and bustle of finding ways to stand out in an industry that is now very saturated.

As difficult as it is, however, Jazmen Jafar says she wouldn’t trade this life for the world. She finds this lifestyle much more fulfilling than the work she has done as a lawyer. Instead of helping the wealthy find tax loopholes like she used to, she plans to use her legal expertise to help sex workers in the future.

“If I had stayed in the law firm, things wouldn’t have been easy either – I would have had to spend several decades working my way up the corporate ladder,” says Jazmen. “At least by doing OnlyFans I’m working towards a lifestyle conducive to my happiness. It’s something I feel good about doing, and I’m happy to be part of the online adult content revolution and for all she has done to empower everyday women.

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