Months of delays, out-of-stock products and poor customer service are forcing Kmart customers to stop shopping online


Kmart buyers are unhappy that its website is leaving some of them empty-handed.

But a spokeswoman for the retail giant said it still has good stock availability in New Zealand.

Palmerston North wife Virginia Smith ordered four items from Kmart online on October 28.

She received the first two articles on November 10, the third on November 27, but has not yet received the fourth.

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“I contacted Kmart but got no response,” she said.

Smith works nights and therefore does not have the chance to physically visit his local store.

She says that for months, as she tries to order, the online site will advertise the products available for purchase, but when she goes to pay, they’re out of stock.

“[The] the majority of products are not available for purchase as they are out of stock, prior to that [I was] waste a lot of time on the site where there is not even an opportunity to buy the products I want.

“This is unacceptable.”

Kmart sending multiple packages for an order continued to put pressure on the already overwhelmed postal system, she said.

Kmart NZ has been criticized for out-of-stock items and delivery delays.


Kmart NZ has been criticized for out-of-stock items and delivery delays.

“It’s not fair to customers who are hoping to receive an order by Christmas, as I very much doubt that will happen,” she said.

Smith isn’t the only customer to feel this way.

A Kmart NZ Facebook post announcing its Black Friday deals on November 25 received over 200 comments from customers with similar complaints.

“I’m still waiting for the November 4th items. I’ll skip Kmart online from now on and only buy one if I need something specific,” one woman commented.

“Yes I think I will miss this time sorry Kmart I have heard so many horror stories about extremely delayed shipping and people who wait up to a month to only get a refund for what ‘they ordered, the people who get the wrong package,’ another woman commented.

“I think before you make big sales like this you need to listen to your customers, a redesign of your website where you have a system that works efficiently would be something to master. Your website is literally a nightmare with it. which one to work with and not all of us have the luxury of being near a store.

Others mentioned months of waiting for orders.

A spokesperson for Kmart said customers should enter their zip code on the website before starting to shop.

“This will allow them to see the availability of stocks in their local watershed to avoid disappointment,” she said.

“Kmart’s online orders are packaged in stores and we have teams specifically dedicated to fulfilling online orders. However, our teams may also need to serve customers in-store,” she said. .

Kmart predicts product gaps due to the silly season, but the spokesperson said it still has high stock availability in New Zealand.



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