Reviews | The United States must redo its global supply chain for national security

The July 3 “Do It Right” editorial was correct: 50% of semiconductor chips in the global market are made in Taiwan. However, I suspect that if China invades Taiwan, the US economy would be in serious jeopardy due to semiconductor shortages.

To prevent China from taking control of chipmaker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., the company built a major manufacturing facility in Arizona and promised it would destroy its advanced manufactured parts the moment China invaded.

TSMC’s work on its brand new Phoenix semiconductor manufacturing facility is progressing at an incredible pace, with tumbleweeds being replaced by factory shells in just six months.

Because the United States and China started a trade and technology war in 2018, Washington must restructure its global supply chain in order to protect its national security. The US government needs to boost its high-tech sector by forging a stronger partnership with Taiwan. Semiconductor chips are a national defense priority, so the United States must bring the essential chipmaker here.

The author is Advisory Commissioner for the Overseas Community Affairs Council for Taiwan in the United States.

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