Romania to donate modernized MiGs to Ukraine –

Romanian MiG-21 LancerR C @Wikimedia Commons

Ukraine is frantically looking for fighter planes against the Russian invasion, and its pilots are literally begging for more planes. News from Romania could provide a partial, but perhaps not ideal, solution to the shortage of fighter jets in Ukraineaccording to The Drive.

Romania announcement yesterday that he will shut down his entire MiG-21 Lancer fleet following a series of accidents, most recently on March 2, and will focus on operating its growing fleet of F-16s, 17 of which are AM/BM versions purchased from Portugal. In addition, there are 36 F-16s of Norwegian surplus stock.

Romania has about 27 MiG-21s in service, of which 19 are LanceR-Cs and the rest are LanceR-Bs. A total of 111 Romanian MiG-21s were upgraded to Lancer configurations, although Model C, which focuses on air superiority, is the most advanced. Modernized MiGs should be handed over to Ukraine.

Some of these aircraft have undergone deep upgrades, fitted with western radar, avionics, electronic countermeasures, displays and more. Although they may seem very simple, they are easy to maintain and can provide high take-off speed. These aircraft are combined with creative tactics that emphasize their positive qualities (small size) and minimize their flaws. These tactics can often involve combining small MiGs with more powerful and larger fighters. Add electronic warfare and you have remarkable lethal capability. A fully modernized MiG-21 could become an effective weapon in a military area.

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