The stock you need to buy if you live in New Jersey

If you’re looking for great stock market advice living in New Jersey, try Clorox Company or Reynolds Consumer products, or both. They are the makers of the Glad and Hefty trash bags respectively, and with the single-use plastic bag in the Garden State starting April 4, those bags will likely be what most people turn to.

Q. What did one bird say to the other?

A. “If it hadn’t been for that bag ban in New Jersey, I wouldn’t be here.”

Soon the birds and fish off our coasts will owe their lives to this if you listen to those in favor of the ban. The reality of the situation is that people will eventually forget their “tote bag” that they got from public television or a competitor of the store they are shopping at and end up buying a box of Glad bags or Hefty. The more you forget, the more boxes you will buy, and the more the stock goes up.

Of course, as we all know, these Glad and Hefty bags won’t harm the environment at all, just like the virus won’t infect you if you’re sitting down to eat or perform on stage in a theater where the audience who showed proof of vaccination are obliged to wear masks.

Oh, by the way, there are plenty of other uses for these single-use bags. My favorite is to use them to take that no bag law to the dumpster and throw it away.

Here are a few other things New Jersey folks are doing with those dreaded single-use bags.
Valeria Jobst Morgan

Cat litter box, dog poop, bathroom/or any small trash can in the house, to put dirty clothes in a hurry when going out, put dirty diaper to tie up and throw away, to place wet items to separate dry ones. items, car trash bag, just to carry anything when you need something to carry an item, and you ALWAYS need at least 1 plastic bag to hold all other plastic bags

Source Adobe Stock By klioli

Source Adobe Stock By klioli

Brian Brown

Use in your car for garbage

Source Adobe Stock By natrot

Source Adobe Stock By natrot

Steven Keller

These are poo bags. Pure and Simple. Take the groceries home. Use the bag for lunch (2-3 days). Pick up dog feces.

Source Adobe Stock By Monika Wisniewska

Source Adobe Stock By Monika Wisniewska

Tina Marie

They are “free” so everything from trash bags, wrapping paper, dog poop bags, wrapping my phone when it rains, keeping one in my back pocket for a rain hat, lol.

Source Adobe Stock By Kabardins photo

Source Adobe Stock By Kabardins photo

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