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NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, USA, October 18, 2022 / — After establishing itself as a leading online Edtech institute for share price, forex trading, stocks and more, Trading Mentor Online is constantly adapting new teaching modules to improve the experience of its users and help them get more for their money. Trading Mentor Online’s team of highly qualified and experienced mentors regularly conduct workshops, training sessions and other educational activities to help aspiring traders around the world launch a successful trading career. Whether it’s a day trading mentorship or crypto investing techniques, the team of mentors at Trading Mentors Online is very diverse, with each mentor bringing something unique to the table.

Additionally, all mentors now conduct one-on-one sessions so they can provide individualized care to each student, helping them overcome their unique obstacles and find lasting business success.

A spokesperson for Trading Mentor Online issued an official statement to discuss how the institute helps students succeed: “Here at Trading Mentor Online, students don’t just learn to trade, they also learn how to maximize their strengths, improve their weaknesses, and begin their own personal journey to business success. Our mentors are passionate about providing practical solutions that help young traders break even and start making profits instantly. Many students have seen results from just one session with a mentor of their choice. Through highly integrated one-to-one sessions, we have enabled students to have direct access to leading industry experts not readily available on other Edtech platforms offering online trading courses.”

Cas Daamen, a highly experienced trader and seasoned Forex expert, has recently joined the Trading Mentor Online team of mentors. Having been in the trading business for over 6 years, Cas aims to help his students develop the right mindset and intuition for trading while mastering trading algorithms that can help people break through. breakeven and start making a profit. Being an expert in mechanical swing trading strategy, his priority is to help people achieve high ROI and start their journey to a successful trading career.

Cas Daamen is passionate about developing individual skills and solving problems for every student, which is why he is now offering a free one-minute session to Trading Mentor Online users from all over the world. His goal is to establish an initial understanding of his student’s issues, so he can create tailored learning plans for students to grow, thrive, and maximize their strengths during full sessions. With slots available for a paid one-hour session, students also have the additional option of reserving their time slot for six individual sessions, each session lasting one hour.

In addition to paid trading courses and sessions with mentors, Trading Mentor Online also offers a range of completely free educational resources on the TMO website. This includes a free 400+ page e-book that has been specifically designed to help beginner and intermediate traders develop their skills and grow as traders. With visual illustrative content that makes learning more accessible, the book shares all basic trading principles and terminologies from top to bottom. Additionally, Trading Mentor Online also runs a free online blog which is regularly updated with informative posts on developments and trends in the trading world.

More details about Trading Mentor Online, along with all of their teaching materials, can be found on their institute’s official website at

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