Online medical consultations: Oladoc shares its story


Telehealth in Pakistan quickly gained popularity and peaked during Covid -19. The trend did not end after the blockages were lifted.

Telehealth has continued to thrive as some patients choose to see doctors online rather than in clinics.

Telehealth has provided an excellent opportunity for practitioners to provide their services in inland and remote areas of the country, making quality medicine accessible to more people.

Gone are the days when patients had to travel to town to see a professional doctor when they could do so in the comfort of their own home.

Technology has played a big part in connecting the two, because with a simple thing like a smartphone, seeing a doctor has become convenient. Last year in October, the Sindh Assembly approved a 2021 Telehealth Bill, which required medical professionals to register and call themselves “licensed medical practitioners” (RMP). The bill aimed to facilitate, improve and improve access to healthcare using remote telehealth platforms and alleviate the shortage of healthcare workers.
There are few telehealth platforms formed in Pakistan to provide the same services and easily connect practitioner and patient.

Oladoc is one of the few platforms that has rapidly grown in popularity in the country, hosting well-known and reputable doctors from various professions and providing a well-designed app with essential features to make it easier to consult a doctor.

Co-founded by two brothers, Arif Zuberi and Abid Zuberi, Oladoc empowers patients by making healthcare affordable, accessible and transparent.

Oladoc was born when one of the founders, Arif Zuberi, struggled to secure an appointment with a pediatrician for his son. The process of booking a consultation appointment was not as smooth as expected, so the idea sprouted.

“Ola” means hello in Spanish, “doc” means doctor hence the name oladoc. When a patient goes to the doctor for an appointment, it is common to greet them by saying “hello doctor!” so the name is quite relevant to patients in that regard, Zuberi revealed while speaking to The Express Tribune.

Oladoc makes healthcare affordable and accessible by offering discounts on appointments.

“The physician profiles on our app / website include physician qualification, wait time, patient reviews and consultation fees to make the booking process easier and transparent for patients. Our app / website is easy to use and patients can book in-person or video appointments without any hassle. “


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