The city spends two-thirds of the money saved



The municipality decided to spend two-thirds of the treasury it had set aside to deal with possible unforeseen situations. At its last meeting, the city council approved the council’s decision, which decided to use 740,000 euros out of the 100,000 euros which constituted the 2020 administration surplus. Mayor Eddy Tosi explained that ” choice “has been” made “. After evaluating both the projects that were already in the drawer and the opportunities related to state funding. The list of operations to be carried out includes the redevelopment of the streets and sidewalks in the center of the capital, which will cost more than 300,000 euros, including 180,000 resulting from a ministerial contribution, and maintenance of the cemetery with regard to to ceilings and plastering. Painting worth 300,000 euros, installation of intelligent traffic lights and new signs for 50,000 euros. Still from the point of view of state security, new cameras will then be placed. To all this, we must add the funds that have been allocated for the renewal of the organizational plan and initiatives related to the social field. From the financing of projects for the adolescents of Ci sto Lavoro affair, involving 40 young people involved in a small interview, to the increase in the cost of good books, fragile and troubled families, and funds to support housing, rent and public services. Finally, part of the surplus will allow the purchase of a specific program for the public administration and the activation of a smartphone application which will allow the obtaining of certificates without the citizen having to go to the town hall. On the partial application of the surplus, as well as on the difference in the three-year public works program which also provided for the registration, in new works, of the redevelopment of the old factory, which the municipality intends to finance by participating in a call ministerial offer, the minority abstained. At the end of the session, the group led by Vito Tralli raised the issue of the bankruptcy agreement of the company that should have built Motorcity, and demanded guarantees on the possibility of recovering the money invested by the municipality. part. By purchasing a small part of the stock, he stressed the need to intervene on the Bersaglieri d’Italia bridge, located in Via Dante Alighieri, whose floors were worn. The process that management carried out planning.


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