Russian hackers target US defense contractors

Over the past two years, Russian hackers have successfully gathered information by targeting US defense contractors, according to CNN.

The hacks provide information on US weapons: “Russian government-backed hackers have acquired sensitive information about US weapons development and deployment by breaching US defense contractors over the past two years.”

Uncategorized but important: Information hacked by Russian hackers is unclassified, but provides valuable insight into US weapons developments, deployment timelines and export-controlled technologies.

Contractors concerned: The hacks have impacted contractors working with the Army, Navy, Air Force and Space Force, as well as companies working on defense and intelligence programs. The United States specifically said targeted contractors were involved in aircraft design and development of combat systems and weapons.

Why is this important: US security agencies said: “By acquiring proprietary internal documents and e-mail communications, adversaries may be able to adjust their own military plans and priorities, expedite technology development efforts, inform foreign decision-makers of American intentions and target potential sources of recruitment.

Our opinion : “Earlier this week, the U.S. government announced a ‘Shields Up’ advisory, followed by an additional advisory detailing the threat, and the defense industrial base is strongly encouraged to heed the warning,” said the NAM Vice President for Infrastructure, Innovation and Human Resources. Politics Robyn Boerstling. “Protecting the factory against cyber intruders, whether criminal or state-owned, is to protect our competitiveness, our security and our collective defense.”

More resources: The Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has developed a range of tools to support business and industry through its Cyber ​​Resource Hub. Learn more here.

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