Kirkwood soap company talks about supply shortages


KIRKWOOD, Mo. – Businesses in St. Louis have been busy all day with Black Friday and small businesses on Saturday tomorrow. But, the weekend could be a little different than in years past.

At the Sammysoap store and soap factory in downtown Kirkwood, there was a steady wave of shoppers on Friday who took advantage of the weekend sales.

“We are really lucky to be still here and a lot of other places in Kirkwood are not anymore,” manager Samantha Noda told Fox 2.

Noda said the pandemic has been difficult for businesses, especially with supply shortages.

“We can’t get some of our packaging in, or some of our suppliers are delayed or send us shipments. So we just planned ahead and tried to stay as far away as possible, ”Noda said.

Noda says all of their soaps are made in-house, but they’re discontinuing some products because they’re just too expensive to ship. She promises that customers can find flights and deals, but not as big as they have in years past.

Client Krista Souders says she still supports the local, even though things are more expensive.

“We have a lot of entrepreneurs in our family who have small businesses in St. Louis, so yeah, it’s really important for us to support the locals,” Souders said.

After a year of challenges, small businesses are now hoping that the holidays can help keep the lights on.

“We hope people will still want to support us, a small business, and come see us,” Noda said.

Noda says many large companies face supply issues and inflation. She advises buyers to come with patience and understanding.


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